Can B2B firms be social?

By  tbadmin  published  February 11, 2013

B2B diceWhen it comes to social media, it’s no surprise that behemoths like Coke, Disney and Red Bull have brilliant Facebook strategies. But what about a B2B?

By definition companies must be intrinsically sociable as a collective of individuals. But how do you make them sociable online? And how do you effectively make social media work for your company?

Having appealing promotions, offers or simply being interesting enough that people follow, like or share your tweets makes sense. And this is easy enough if you are a popular consumer brand with deep pockets – some of those with the greatest number of followers include Coke, Converse, Disney and Red Bull.

But what about smaller firms who are niche or in B2B?

A great example of how anyone can win with social media comes from Ben Pickering on SocialMedia Examiner who gives three examples of B2B firms using social media well. Each used a number of tactics to succeed on Facebook, however each also used a different particular key tactic, as outlined below:

  1. HubSpot, a B2B firm delivering software primarily to other B2B marketers, makes use of Facebook advertising to reach an even wider audience.
  2. Cvent, a meeting and event management company with approximately 12,000 fans, launched a contest inviting people to share their stories on how they built a crowd for an event. Cvent is promoting the contest on their Facebook Page and have fan-gated the promotional tab.
  3. Intel, essentially B2B but well-known for its consumer marketing tactics, provides fans with access to interactive games, fun and cheeky posts and photos (of course) to optimise engagement.

Three different companies, three different tactics, all of which are there to be utilised and employed – by anyone and any company, B2C or B2B!

Molly Lewis

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