Getting the most out of LinkedIn: 5 engaging content tips

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By  Amanda Falconer  published  June 24, 2013

Linked In Engaging ContentA recent study from LinkedIn found 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they also engage with on LinkedIn.

Essentially this means that if you have a company LinkedIn page you should make the most of it by populating it with new content and engaging with your followers.

Here are 5 tips you can use when thinking about content for your LinkedIn page.

1. Regular status updates.

Every time you share an update – that update will appear on the home page of all your LinkedIn followers, giving both your company and status update exposure.

I have read a number of different articles/blogs on how often you should be updating your status and various numbers as to how many times a day you should update your LinkedIn page. It is certainly not meant to be as much as Twitter or Facebook, so I think a good start is to aim for once per day. And if you’re only going to post once a day do it in the morning According to LinkedIn best practices the busiest hours are between morning and midday. 

2. Leverage groups to find engaging content

Mike Delgado of goes into detail as to how to use groups to find engaging content.

Aside from studying what your competitors are doing on LinkedIn, you should spend time in the groups where your target market is engaging. You’ll want to find out what interests them there.

Which “manager’s choice” article is getting the most attention this week? What discussions are getting the most likes and comments? Take time to analyse and read what’s engaging your target market.

Groups are also a great place to “test” status updates to see what type of engagement they receive before adding to your company stream. Not sure whether a certain post would be valuable to your followers? Add the update into a group first to see what type of interaction you receive.

3. Share your content

Make sure you share content that you have created for use elsewhere. This could include blogs (simply copy and paster the link), media releases, case studies, special reports, white papers, upcoming event or trade shows and short updates about your products and services. It does not always have to be new content you can also ‘curated content’ including industry relevant news and articles.

4. Make it pretty

Make sure you add images and files to your LinkedIn company status updates; images are easy to look at, help get attention and make your content more engaging. Also use URLs, memes and video where you can and when relevant.

5. Post Job Openings

This is the obvious one and I think one of the main reasons people use LinkedIn however make sure you post any vacant positions.

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