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By  tbadmin  published  June 28, 2013

Tom Cruise can tell you everything you need to know about how to plan, prepare and produce your own original web series…yep that’s right, Tom Cruise, AKA Ethan Hunt.


The official blog of Tom Cruise recently published an excellent series of steps to follow whencreating a web series, covering everything from mapping out your creative storytelling, to understanding your audience and managing your resources.

While it’s more than likely it was a tomecruise.com staffer that wrote this piece, I like to think it was the ‘T Man’ himself who interviewed Mike Ajakwe Jr, executive director of the Los Angeles Web Series Festival, to come up with this five-point list for a successful web series.

So here’s the Tom Cruise tips to a successful web series (if you choose to accept them):

1. What’s your story?

It seems almost simplistic, but with the cost of filmmaking dropping all the time, jumping headlong into your own series can be enticing, but heed these simple words to the wise: you need to have to have something to say, you’ve got to have passion and you’ve got to have a story to tell.

2. Manage your imagination.

Scale down your vision into something that’s shootable; something that you can make without waiting for approval or money. The great advantage of a web series is that you don’t need anyone’s okay to make it, and you don’t need anyone’s funding. You can still shoot something compelling and engaging without a lot money.

3. Use the resources around you.

Even if you don’t live in a filmmaking hub like Hollywood, you can still find talented people will often work for free for the experience or to bolster their resume, (like we just did on the web series we made for the DineHear promotion).There are so many people around you that can help.

4. Have a plan.

Another seemingly obvious step, but it’s easy to overlook in your haste to get started. But if you don’t have a plan, then you’re probably going nowhere.

5. Don’t worry about the money.

Sounds unrealistic, but if you do good work consistently, the money will come, whether somebody wants to buy your web series or buy you and have you put the same effort into one of their projects. Don’t limit yourself to being a web-series producer—you’re a creator. Period.

This blog will self-destruct in five seconds…

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